Ingeniería y Arquitectura sostenible

About us

MCúbico integrate harmoniously the architectural concepts with the demands of engineering, managing to fulfill the expectations of our customers home about. We have a human talent of great ethical value, highly qualified to meet the highest design and construction challenges Our goal is to provide a highly professional service, with management project management techniques in the field of construction; in technical, administrative, commercial, financial, management and control to enable it to handle most any project quality and efficiency aspects. we count with more than 10 years of experience in design and project management, and a team of reliable work to bring your project.

Engineers and Architects MCúbico seek to minimize the impact on the environment and help create sustainable development for a safe and healthy habitat in perfect harmony with their environment. This service allows customers to ignore all kinds of efforts to complete the project.

Each client is unique and requires special attention, that is why you are very important to us.

Costa Rica is a country of high seismicity, the latest seismic code that governs the country was updated in 2002 and divides the country into three seismic zones, these considerations are important for projects over 2 floors.

The use of alternative energy each time becomes more efficient and necessary to adapt in projects, having these considerations could make your project makes a difference.

In the market there are a variety of types of construction materials and  the best to carry out your project is to have good advice as needed to know what may be the best solution for your project, often letting anyone manage your project ends in a headache, you better have professional for guidance.

Because we believe offer the best service, we invite you to know