Ingeniería y Arquitectura sostenible


It’s not anything more than shelter , is manifest civilization through amazing and practical constructions .


Wintegrate harmoniously the architectural concepts with the demands of engineering , managing to fulfill the expectations of each of our clients. Starting each project by deepening customer needs . Together we make the journey from inspiration to that final moment when it becomes realidad.Para get there a combination of tools from the highly qualified human resources and technology ( Autocad , Sketchup , rabbit , Project manager, Civil Engineers , Architects , Engineers used electrical , directors etc.) that allows us to meet the highest design and construction challenges .


Engineers & Architects

Engineers & Architects MCúbico know the various building systems , materials and techniques to meet the requirements of each of our clients, and social needs , in addition to the different regulations for construction can fit deadlines and reasonable costs.

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Architectural Project

Architectural Design is the set of plans, drawings , diagrams and explanatory texts used to shape (paper , digitally , in model or other means of representation ) the design of a building, before being built . In a broader concept , the complete architectonic project includes development and design of a building , distribution of uses and spaces , the way you use materials and technologies, and the development of all levels, with details and perspectives.



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Project Management and Administration

This is a post- step Architectural Project itself , and is made when the design has been approved by the customer and its construction is imminent. The main difference with the Architectural Project or Basic Project is that the above described graphically “what is to be done ” while the specific Executive Project ” how it will do.” Working on the basis of plans that integrate the architectural project, the same Architect or a Civil Engineer forming a team, adds information and technical specifications intended to constructor and the diverse contractors who explain in detail what materials and what techniques They are used.

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