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Building & Construction

Building & Construction

In all construction projects have a beginning , that comes with the needs and concerns based on the vision of individuals or organizations ; giving rise to a planning process execution, monitoring and control of the project.

In the construction area there are points of uncertainty in relation to the projects . It is essential in the planning stage , the power to verify and accurately define the scope of the project , to reduce any risk .

A practical way is important to ensure that it is assigned to a project all the information needed to start the project and especially if the requirements and the effort to implement dimensioning have been well sized . These figures are generally in the project documentation , such as contract , plans and specifications , the act of adjudication and / or the order to start the project . 

Within the scope of the project should consider aspects relating to the cost , time and quality ; for this is very appropriate to perform programming work . Given various ” activities ” ; through an orderly and logical sequence that make up the project .


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