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Environment Management








The environmental consulting is a consulting specialty that is dedicated to providing advice, training and procedures related to all matters concerning environmental company or organization .

The Environment Management working with clients in areas such as pollution of water, air and soil, environmental impact assessment , environmental audits , waste management , environmental policy , management eco – territorial , noise and the extent of the vibration and environmental management .

Services of Environment Management Costa Rica to SETENA, Senara, Minaet,Minae 

  • Development of Forms D1 – D2 .

  • Environmental Management Plans (P-PGA).
  • Environmental Impact Study(EsIA).
  • Environmental Diagnostics (EDAs).                          eco11
  • Environmental Development Plan (PDA).
  • Study Plans and Risk Management.
  • Diagnosis of Environmental Assessment.
  • Master plans .                                                                                              eco9
  • Environmental inspection.
  • Certifications use as soil.
  • Technical Consultant Environments .