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Landscape Engineers & Architects M3cr Costa Rica

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Landscape Engineers & Architects M3cr Costa Rica

Landscaping is art and science and requires good observation and design skills, as well as planning, creativity, organization, and imagination. It can also be defined as a rational process by which man uses nature as a tool to express himself, while obtaining various benefits. It is a concept that encompasses in small proportions parts of multiple disciplines such as agronomy, architecture, sociology, ecology, art, etc., to treat spaces taking into account both their volume and the time factor; since it works with living beings and they have processes ..

Landscaping involves planning, designing and managing the landscape to create, maintain, protect and enrich the places so that they are functional, beautiful and sustainable (in every sense of the word), and adapted to the diverse ecological and human needs. The multifaceted nature of the landscape and of human interaction with it, makes this area of ​​knowledge of an unusual breadth, which welcomes and integrates concepts and approaches, not only of the two aspects in which knowledge is traditionally divided, between creatives arts and natural sciences, but also incorporates many aspects of the humanities and technology.

M3cr Landscaping Costa Rica

Landscape Costa Rica

It is an artistic activity that has become very popular in recent years and that consists of modifying the physical characteristics of a geographical terrain, whether urban or rural, to give it a special beauty and create a beautiful and welcoming landscape.
Beyond the artistic, the landscaper nowadays must also be in charge of protecting the environment and guaranteeing the sustainability of its design. M3cr engineers and architects have the solution for you.
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