Ingeniería y Arquitectura sostenible

Structural Design

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You should always get a balanced performance between the rigid plastic part of the elements, since in many cases an excess either of these two aspects can lead to failure of the structure.


Usually the materials used in the structural part must fulfill other functions such as thermal insulation , acoustic, weatherproof , waterproof , division and other own quarters within a structure .

In addition , within other functions performed by elements within the structural design they are the architectural aspects , which must be integrated into the structural design, in order to get the best performance of the overall structure

The design of a structure has an initial typology to then perform the appropriate calculation of resistance in each of its parts known materials and the loads .

For proper design must take into account the load combinations and generally any situation in which you can see under the designed structure.

Types of Structure

The types of structure can be divided according to different aspects :

  • 1.- Spatial or flat
  • 2.- Materials: steel, concrete , wood , mixed …
  • 3.- Isostatic , hyperstatic , hypostatic.
  • 4.- Industrial or residential , architectural, monumental , artistic use.